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Solar tiles

Solar roof tiles are an alternative to the traditional solar panels. Instead of being mounted on clear majority with rack structures, solar tiles are part of the roof itself. They can be a viable tool for young constructions and large improvements, as roofing installations and solar arrays can be included into piece. Renewable roof tiles are known as sun roofs.

Metal roofing

If you're putting a roof on a historic development, or your established roof needs a total renovation, there are a lot of components available. But no matter what kind of roof you have metal roofs, they can be an appealing choice due to various their durability, low energy and water conservation. You will choose from tin, zinc, aluminium, copper or galvanised steel.

Built-up roofing

This strong roofing system consists of layers of clay, tar or resin topped with such an aggregate and is intended solely for flat roofs. Tar and gravel roofs, like tile roofs, are ideally suited to rooftop decks for heavy foot traffic. These roofs may have been slippery in the summer, but as opposed to flat floors, it’s difficult to get dirt off these tops. They could last 20 to 25 years.

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we are in the market since 2000. Providing the roofing services since then. We provide different types of roofing services from home to office building we do it all. Our work speaks for itself.